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Monday, March 14, 2016

Do you have my stuff?

If you've run across this posting by virtue of googling a serial number or something of this cool thing you just got, you may be in possession of stolen property. I'm hoping you'll be willing to talk to me about its possible return.  I'll cover shipping and discuss a reward. See info at the bottom.

In Seattle last week, my rental car got hit by a smash and grab right across from SeaTac at about 6:30 am when I was having breakfast at a local restaurant. The damage to the car was covered by insurance, but my backpack and its contents were not.
So basically that sucked. Because I had some fairly valuable stuff in that backpack and I'm out the full replacement price of all of it, and that doesn't even touch the stuff that isn't replaceable.

First up was my fairly new (last November) Lonovo multi-touch tablet.
(That photo is from the Lenovo website.) The serial number for the one that is gone is HA0FN63F. By the way, I hope you managed to find a charger on the aftermarket if you're planning to keep it. Lenovo takes about 3 months to ship them. Or if you want, I've got two and without the tablet, there's not much point in my having them so we can probably arrange some sort of a deal.

Second up was my very old iPad2. Like 4 years old. The serial number on that was PD367LL/A. The back was engraved with Attila the Archivist. Okay, I was thinking of replacing that anyway since the battery life was getting pretty short, but I have to say, I'm really really really sad about losing the black leather Rebecca Minkoff cover. That cover is the reason the iPad is as old as it is. It saved the thing from multiple drops off furniture. I'd really like that back, as worn out as it is.

Here's the one that really hurt, financially. My two year Swarovski EL 8X32 binoculars, serial number F833848302 . Really, truly, I cannot afford to replace these.
Next up, something else I can't replace. This ivory and carnelian stretch bracelet. It's one of a kind.
I bought it from the artist at the Alaska Native Heritage Center's holiday bazaar. Here's some information you might not know: walrus ivory is legal to sell/own in the US IF you have a permit to sell it (the artist did) and IF when you buy it, it comes with a receipt documenting the sale (which I have.) Being in possession of this bracelet or the ivory from it is going to add a few levels to the possession of stolen goods charge that could be levied against you if you were to be caught with it. Please, instead of that, will you just contact me (or see below for alternatives) so I can get it back?

I had a signed copy of the Sibley's Guide to Birds of Western North America too. Yeah, I know it's not worth much and it was pretty worn, but it was signed by the author and having to redo all my notes in it is going to be a pain. My name, email, and phone number are inside the front cover.
Most everything else in the backpack was negligible though there's a few other things I'd like back. I had a crocheted shawl under way with about $50 worth of cream/peach cotton yarn and I'm bummed about losing that (I was almost done!). And the handpainted northern lights-themed silk scarf that I bought in Seward AK last year. Most of the clothing that was in there was aging, but if you'd like to donate that to a thrift store--along with the backpack itself--that's fine by me.

By the way, if you're not comfortable with contacting me directly, I get that. If you'd prefer to return the stuff to the King County Sheriff's Dept, this is my case #: C16011798. They'll be happy to take it in. Or if you don't even want to get that close to an official source, will you please drop it off at a local library with a note referencing either the URL of this blog post or the King County Sheriff's Dept and the case #?

If you're a library worker and you get this, please contact me or the King County Sheriff's Office? I'll be happy to arrange for pickup/transport/whatever is needed. (Also, I'll happily make a donation to your library.)

And yes, next time I renew my auto coverage, I'm going to be looking a little more closely at the coverage in case of theft. Although I really have to hope this will never happen again. It was--is--pretty distressing.

Thanks. --ABS