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Friday, July 1, 2011

Dear Auntie Attila

Okay, it's time. Well, it's long overdue.

What could the archival world possibly need more than an advice column?

Don't answer that because I'm starting one anyhow. Have a question, your own, somebody else's, whatever that's been burning a hole in your brain? Need a non-legally-binding opinion on how to handle whatever that situation is that you've been enveloped in? Thinking that archivist talking to the vendor in the exhibits hall is kind of cute and want to know what a great opening line would be?

Here's the deal. Email it to me. Give me a redacted version (at least) with any identifying details you'd don't want public left out of it. You can give me the whole version too, if you like, I am a nice Auntie after all who is very interested in your life, but make sure you've provided at least one version I can go public with.  That way you don't have to worry about Auntie inadvertently releasing some sort of identifying information that she doesn't recognize as identifying.

Here's the other part of the deal. I'm going to be tapping some of my network of colleagues and friends for answers since I'm also a smart Auntie who knows far too well she doesn't know everything. You might well be wondering "but how on earth could Auntie Attila possibly have any thoughts about my problem?" You might well be right, but I'm betting I'll be able to find somebody who does. And even if I do have some opinions, I'll probably still be tapping that network to get a broader answer.

So let's hear from you. The confused, the annoyed, the lovelorn. Little questions or big, same low price. Nothing but an email.

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